Monthly Archive for May, 2008

The return of the Phantom

New arrangement of the Phantom of the Opera – this time with two violins, two cellos, a piano and hopefully two voices.  This is to be performed in the beginning of June, hopefully, if accepted by the players. We’ll see. In any case, I started completely over from the midi file and learned several new things about using Rosegarden.

1. Simply opening a midi file in Rosegarden will give an initial arrangement with which to work, however the key will probably be interpreted wrong, and then the timing may also be off in parts.

2. It’s necessary to be thorough in the intial process about transposing of every track, getting the clefs correct, and then getting the measures to appear correctly in regard to the number of beats per measure. If a measure mistakenly has 3 beats (in 4 4 time), for example, then the following measure will usually make up for it.

3. Cut and Paste is my friend. I cut entire sections of notes and pasted them into new tracks, and then transposed by an octave, instead of entering new notes individually. This was really helpful.

4. I found it necessary to keep a note of what measure number I am working on. Sometimes while cut and pasting large sections the notation jumped back to the beginning, and I had to search to find where I was.

5. The lyric editor is not terrible to use. In fact, by cut and pasting to a text file, I was able to move the lyrics over from a previous Rosegarden Phantom arrangement version that I already did (but had messed up the keys).. So starting over might have been even worse.

6. Double clicking on the segment track name gives an option to relabel it. I searched everywhere for a menu choice to do this, and finally figured this out. It is the name that shows up on the Notation and pdf file, so it’s pretty important.

Here’s the final Rosegarden file of phantom_080526.

And here’s the parts printed into pdf files: